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About Deborah Anderson

I began "writing" icons in 1998 just after I moved to Seattle. It was an art form by which I was previously repelled - not understanding them and thinking they were possibly graven images because of my Protestant faith tradition. Feeling alone in a new city, I was searching for a creative outlet that fit my interior longing. Through various events, God led me to a person who was teaching an icon class at a Byzantine Catholic church. My classical art training caused me to struggle with this new way of stylized painting in which there was no obvious light source, no "shadows," and in which the perspective was reversed! And now, I have found this art expression personally and spiritually fulfilling, Icons call out to me, speaking of God's love for His Creation. Through obedience to the forms of this ancient sacred language, I find artistic freedom. Since an iconographer works from traditional prototypes that have been followed for centuries, I choose each icon that I write carefully, listening for the direction of the Holy Spirit. I still struggle - there is so much to learn on this journey! My icons are like a journal; each one has a story. While I work, I listen to soothing chant and sacred music. More is written on the blog page about my journey. My mission is introducing icons to people and churches who might otherwise never see or understand them. I see them as messages of God's Grace. I set up my original icons where I am invited to present them and show an educational video created from my years of talks. There is Q&A time and option for a mini workshop. I also have high quality ultrachrome prints available to purchase with explanitory labels on the back. When I display my visual journals (original icons) and speak to anyone about them, I hope to encourage an understanding beyond denominations through these "Windows into Heaven". Icons reveal God’s redeemed world that has no more tears, no more pain. There is total forgiveness, joy and understanding in a place where I believe even Eden sings. To God be the Glory.